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Introducing "Artefacts," a necklace that invites you to embrace the art of slowing down. Each pendant within this collection is thoughtfully crafted, drawing inspiration from the past.


The pendant's design is a curated blend of delicate coffee cups, iridescent pearls, and handmade shells. Each element tells a story, reflecting the intention behind its creation. The iridescent pearls add a touch of enchantment, creating a captivating interplay of colours reminiscent of a historical treasure.


Wearing "Artefacts" is an ode to the beauty found in the details of craftsmanship and the grace of a bygone era. Let this necklace be a reminder to appreciate the intentional moments, both past and present. With each pendant bearing the personal touch of something truly handmade.


SKU: 006
  • Handmade with porcelain, the charms feature 24k gold shells, freshwater pearls, coffee cups and vessel pendants.

    Lead & Nickel Free:

    The sterling silver cable chain is lead and nickel-free, ensuring both style and safety.

  • Total chain length: 20 inches

    The necklace itself is approx 18 inches, to perfectly frame the neckline. The additional 2 inches of chain has been added to create a magical trail and finely finished with a freshwater pearl.

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