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Beth Wham is a multidisciplinary artist born in Paisley and is currently based in the heart of Glasgow. In her home studio, she creates dreamlike narratives through her work, where imagination takes centre stage. Her works’ main source is portraying the beauty in the simplicity of everyday life. Beth's portfolio reflects blending abstract figurative art with a wide display of mixed media techniques. She predominantly works with oils, pastels and acrylics, to create depth and texture into her work. Beyond the canvas, Beth ventures into the world of ceramics and jewellery making, where she sculpts stories with clay, bringing her artistic vision to life in a more tangible form.

What truly inspires Beth is the return to her inner child; such as looking at the stars in awe or collecting sea shells at the beach. She paints intuitively, drawing inspiration from the innocent wonder and whimsical imagination that lives in all of us. Through her art, Beth invites viewers to embark on a journey through the simple joys of existence that is shown from her imaginary perceptive.

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